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Medicine in Cyberspace

This page was especially created for the SGDP tour of IT on 24/5/98
Just remember by the time you view this page the data in it
has travelled to the US and back.
Hope you guys had a good time at the winery.
A few links of interest or not appear below.
Make sure you visit my daughter's page click here.
My Page.
Ian's Page
Below some links to medical software sites.
Medical Director's Web Site
 MEDIPAK -Their software would want to be better than their website.
 RX This site is worse!
 JAM Products(use to be mainly for the Macintosh)
 Doctor's Desktop  I wasn't impressed with their Demo
 Medwin might be worth a look.
Just a few more links.
 Australasian Anaesthesia Main Page
 Blizzard Entertainment News
The NPAC Visible Human Viewer
B H P - Homepage
Vegetarian Information - Australian Vegetarian Society
Fabian Frick's Wet Sports Photography, the best windsurfing, and surfing pictures from Hawaii
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