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The Medical Page.

The Body Mass Index(BMI) calculator below will give you an idea
of your ideal weight.The last value is your maximum weight for your
height. Type in your height in centimetres and weight in kilos and press
the button. Your BMI should be between 21 and 25.
(You will need JavaScript activated in your Browser preferences for this to work.)
BMI calculator
Max Ideal Wt   (kg)
of POD
This one is a must though my Rheumatologist friends may no agreee
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Both Rick & Lily are practising GP's at the Wonthaggi Medical Group.
(Or An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor Away)
(The Vitamin C,E and beta-carotene story.)
Anti-oxidants are thought to be helpful in preventing much of the disease we now
see ,especially in Western society ,in particular Cardiovascular(heart etc.) disease
and many cancers. It is thought they do this by neutralising "free radicals". Free
radicals are formed as a result of normal metabolic functions but are also increased
by various "toxic" influences on the body.(eg. Smoking , Excessive sun exposure
Toxic chemicals, High fat diet etc.) An excess of free radicals causes tissue damage
resulting in various diseases. The body has its own internal mechanisms for dealing
with these free radicals but may become overloaded. Anti-oxidants in the diet may
then help. Population studies have shown a beneficial effect of diets high in
anti-oxidants in reducing problems such as cardio-vascular disease and various cancers.
The Anti-oxidants include compounds such as Vitamins C & E , Beta-carotene,and
many others. These are abundant in various fruit , vegetables and grains.
So it's easy right ,go to the health store and by a bottle of anti-oxidants or Vitamins
or whatever and Bob's your uncle!?
Get your anti-oxidants from the GreenGrocer (or market or supermarket.)
No studies have shown a consistent benefit in the use of supplements and some have
shown a detremintal effect. You need to get your anti-oxidants from your diet.
So remember that old saying -:
"An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor away"
or 5 fruit and 5 veg or more keeps the Doctor away.
The full story can viewed at The Victorian Public Health Division.
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