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Sheet Music for Solo Classical Guitar.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas -: Guitar Arrangement.
Waltzing Matilda a Traditional Australian Folk Tune.-:Guitar Arrangement.
Recording in ".au format " by the arranger.

Spring Song by Mendelssohn...Guitar Arrangement...&..Midifile.

                    Music is one of our main interests,especially Cara and Rick.
                         We play flute , piano and guitar.
                         Here are a few of our arrangements in midi format. These
                         have been written using Music Works 2.
Have got rid of the old links . Will add more soon.
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                         Come and join the celebration. 9k

                         King of the Road 19k

                         Shake Rattle & Roll 44k

                         Our Anthem 8k

                         Greensleeves 5k

                         Revolution by the Beatles 17k

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